HTML | Tags | Paragraph & Align

html paragraph


The <p> element offers another way to structure your text. Each paragraph of text should go in between an opening <p> and closing </p> tag.

Elements can all carry the universal attributes:

  • align
  • class
  • id
  • style
  • title
  • dir
  • lang
  • xml:lang

<p> This is First Paragraph </p>
<p> This is Second Paragraph </p>
<p> This Is Third Paragraph </p>


The align  attribute indicates whether the heading appears to the left, center, or right of the page (the default is the left).

The align attribute has been replaced by two CSS properties: the text – align property to align text, and float to position larger items on a page.

<h1 align=”left”> Text Align Left </h1>
<h1 align=”center”> Text Align Center </h1>
<h1 align=”right”> Text Align Right </h1>


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