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Vtiger Event & Tasks


Calendar module enables users to keep track of calls, meetings, and tasks. Users can collaborate on activities and maintain a history of all previous activities by linking them to specific records in the CRM (Ex: Organizations, Contacts, and Opportunities).CRM offers 2 types of Calendar records:

  • Events: scheduled calls and meetings.
  • To Dos: tasks to complete within a given time frame.

Events and To Dos together are called Activities.

(custom by mine web design)
Event & Tasks (Activity Management) process (custom by mine web design)

There are two possible views in the homepage of Calendar Module.


  • Calendar can be viewed in different views namely: Day, Week, Month, and Year.
  • The default view of Calendar is Week for admin users and Day for normal Users.
  • Users can change their default view; to achieve this, go to My Preferences and select desired view in the Default Calendar view pick list field.
  • And again, you can switch to either Calendar view or List view for Events.

To Dos:

  • Navigate to the record detail page to which the to do is to be associated.
  • Click Add to do link from Actions menu or go to Activities section .
  • In Create to Do screen, enter the details of the task.
  • Provide inputs to send notification; relate to do with a record, if required.
  • Click Save to create the To Do or Cancel to go back.
Event & Tasks - Todo
To Do in Event & Tasks process (custom by mine web design)

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