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Vtiger Quote

 A Quote is a formal statement issued by seller to the prospective buyer, basically on a request for a quotation. It contains the detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Address information, Terms and Discounts. Once a Quote is approved by the customer, you can directly create a Sales Order or Invoice. Click on Generate Sales Order and Generate Invoice to create Sales Order and Invoice respectively without having to enter values manually as values will be automatically populated.

Item Details Block:

You can perform following Operations in this Block

  • Click on the icon to select from existing Products and icon to select from existing Services; consequently, values will be automatically populated in both the cases.
  • Select any Currency type from the Currency pick list, it will update the values according to the conversion rates. It will display the modified values if you had configured the currencies in Products Module.
(custom by mine web design)
Quote process in vtiger crm (custom by mine web design)
(custom by mine web design)
Quote detail process in vtiger crm (custom by mine web design)


  • Select the Tax Mode: Individual calculates taxes as configured in Products or Services and Group, sums-up the total amount of Products and Services, and implies taxes as configured in Tax Calculations feature.
  • You can associate different price Books to the products and Services to have differentiated price lists for different customer groups. Click on icon to view different price Books associated with the Products and Services.
  • You can also provide Discounts, Imply Shipping Charges and make adjustments on the Net Total.




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