Both languages have powered to provide a better application. But slight advantages can hang over to PHP.

  • PHP will work well in any kind of platform and server.  ASP.NET can be used only with Internet Information Server (IIS).
  • Both are same but ASP.NET is more on Rapid-Application-Development and PHP is more on Coding.
  • For PHP, a code written on Linux/Apache will work on Windows or any OS/Web Server. But .NET, even though we have ports available, you will require some tweaks to make it run.
  • PHP is an open source technology which can be used for free. ASP.NET is a Microsoft technology that is expensive in price.
  • PHP is a programming language that is used for creating web applications.  ASP.NET is a platform in which programming languages such as VB.NET or C# can be used to create ASP.NET applications.
  • PHP works well with MySQL database. MySQL database is also available for free. ASP.NET mostly works with MS-SQL database, which also belongs to Microsoft and MS-SQL is not available for free.
  • PHP can run in Linux Operating System which is available for free. ASP.NET needs Windows Platform which is not available for free.
  • PHP execution is faster because PHP uses in-built memory space. ASP.NET code execution is comparatively slower because it will utilize the server space during execution.
  • Even Notepad can be used for coding. PHP is more easy for that, but if you can afford Visual Studio, then ASP.NET.
  • Both PHP & .NET parties release fixes for bugs and security issues instantly.

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