Magento: Export Category List as CSV Format

Using the below code, you can export magneto category list as CSV format. Place the code in your root directory, and the exported file will be saved on  var/export directory.  So the CSV format includes

"Root Category Id", "Category Id", "Category Name", "Category URL", "Category Image", "Category Page Title", "Category Meta Keywords", "Category Mate Description","Category Is Active"
require_once 'app/Mage.php';
$mageCategory = Mage::getModel ( 'catalog/category');
$categoryTree = $mageCategory->getTreeModel();
$categoryListIds = $categoryTree->getCollection()->getAllIds();
if ($categoryListIds) {
    $outputFileDir = "var/export/categories-detail.csv";
    $writeFile = fopen($outputFileDir, 'w');
    foreach ($categoryListIds as $categoryListId) {
        $categoryModel = $mageCategory->load($categoryListId);
        $parentCategoryId = $categoryModel->getParentId();
        $categoryId = $categoryModel->getId();
        $categoryName = $categoryModel->getName();
        $categoryUrl = $categoryModel->getUrl();
        $categoryImage = $categoryModel->getImage();
        $categoryPageTitle = $categoryModel->getMetaTitle();
        $categoryPageKeywords = $categoryModel->getMetaKeywords();
        $categoryPageDescription = $categoryModel->getMetaDescription();
        $categoryActive = $categoryModel->getIsActive();
        $collection = $mageCategory->getProductCollection();
        $data = array($parentCategoryId, $categoryId, $categoryName, $categoryUrl, $categoryImage, $categoryPageTitle, $categoryPageKeywords, $categoryPageDescription, $categoryActive);
        fputcsv($writeFile, $data);

Exact Difference Between Echo and Print in PHP

PHP Echo() and Print()


boolean print (argument)

print() is capable of displaying both strings and variables.
print() returns a Boolean Type, expresses a true value.

$language = "PHP";
$authour = "Rasmus Lerdorf";
$starts = 1994;

print $language;  // Resulting "PHP";

print $language.''.$authour;  
// Resulting "PHPRasmus Lerdorf"
// Multiple strings display using Concatenation(.) Operator. 
// print() has restricted of use comma(,) separator to display
multiple string, only echo() will do.

$year = print $starts;  // Resulting "1994" 

print $year; // Resulting Boolean Type "1"


void echo (string argument1 [, ...string argumentN])

echo() is capable of displaying multiple strings and variables.
echo() doesn’t returns a Boolean Type, because it returns void.

$language = "PHP";
$authour = "Rasmus Lerdorf";
$starts = 1994;
echo $language; // Resulting "PHP"

echo $language,$authour; 
// Resulting "PHPRasmus Lerdorf"
// Displaying multiple string using comma(,) separator.

$year = echo $starts;  
// Syntax Error, Because print() has capable to result the output.

*echo() function is a faster, because it returns nothing, whereas print() returns a Boolean value.