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Responsive (Top) Navigation Menu,  It’s a clean & fluid top navigation template.

Responsive Template
Clean & Fluid
Supports major browsers.
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MySQLI Vs PDO_MySQL Comparison


Currently recommended to use either the mysqli or PDO_MySQL extensions. It is not recommended to use the old mysql extension for new development, as it was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0 and was removed in PHP 7.

Features MySQLI Extention PDO_MySQL
PHP version introduced 5 5.1
Development status Active Active
Lifecycle Active Active
Recommended for new projects Yes Yes
OOP Interface Yes Yes
Procedural Interface Yes No
Persistent Connections Yes Yes
API supports Charsets Yes Yes
API supports server-side Prepared Statements Yes Yes
API supports client-side Prepared Statements No Yes
API supports Stored Procedures Yes Yes
API supports Multiple Statements Yes Yes
API supports Transactions Yes Yes
Transactions can be controlled with SQL Yes Yes
Supports all MySQL 5.1+ functionality Yes Mostly

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